CSR & Sustainability Vision


In line with our core philosophy, we firmly believe that businesses should consider the interests of all five stakeholders holistically: Customers, Employees, Partners, Shareholders, and Society. Since its inception, Exdion's overarching goal has been to contribute to the development of a truly enriched society.

As a major digital transformation player in the insurance and healthcare industries, we recognize the pivotal role we play in addressing pressing social concerns, such as the eradication of social injustices. Aligned with our core business purpose and principles, we are dedicated to fostering economic and social development in the markets in which we are active. We are dedicated to building a sustainable future for everybody through active engagement with a variety of stakeholders, including customers, employees, partners, and non-profit organizations.

Our ethical approach to company operations and expansion is rooted in the principles of sustainable and responsible growth, aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Our decision to open a delivery center in Vellore, a tier 2 city, reflects our unwavering commitment to sustainability and our desire to provide equal employment opportunities for both men and women. This strategic decision not only embodies our commitment to sustainability but also addresses the challenges of urbanization and migration. By enabling people, particularly women, to prosper in their hometowns and provide for their families, we aim to alleviate societal pressures. In our view, this holistic approach supports businesses in prospering and enables governments to bring economic prosperity to a broader segment of the population.

At Exdion, we understand the significance of workplace diversity and inclusion in shaping a better society. We firmly believe that fostering such inclusivity not only narrows gaps but also widens the spectrum of constructive viewpoints within our organization. By embracing diversity within our sustainability initiatives, we recognize the invaluable contribution of diverse viewpoints, cross-functional collaboration, and the widespread dissemination of the positive effects of sustainable efforts.

Our collaboration with a non-profit organization to recruit and retain individuals with disabilities exemplifies our dedication to inclusive practices. Furthermore, a substantial percentage of our associates are women, reflecting our commitment to gender diversity and empowerment.

Beyond the transactional nature of volunteering, the CEO, board members, and staff are actively involved in Exdion’s social development efforts. Our CSR initiatives extend beyond mere time or resource contributions. They are designed to integrate Exdion employees in our mission and core principles, as well as drive long-term, beneficial changes in the communities we support.

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