Millennials today stay at Airbnb, VRBO, Flipkey or others to rent a home. They use apps like Uber, Lyft for road sharing or Curvyroad or vehomotors for fractional ownership of automobiles. Millennials move across cities in search of new jobs and do not invest in long term fixed assets. Millennials carry their assets, whether it is music instruments or acquisitions like Paintings and books to their new nests whenever they shift. Till now, there was no insurance coverage available for belongings of Millennials.

PMOO43 is a belongings Coverage solution to help Millennials to meet their personal property coverage. Your Belongings solution enables insurers to offer coverage on personal possessions for policyholders while anywhere in the world. Belongings coverage is offered as Actual Cash Value options (ACV) basis or even on a Replacement Cost basis.

PMOO43 Covers:

  • Property separately described AND specifically insured elsewhere
  • Motor vehicles
  • Animals, Birds or Fish
  • Business data
  • Currency deeds, securities, passport, transportation tickets and other tickets
  • Hovercraft or parts

However, PMOO43 does not cover:

  • Articles not maintained in good condition.
  • Antiques & Fine arts.
  • Memorabilia, souvenirs, collection items etc
  • Outdated and obsolete items stored and not being used.

This policy can be used by millennials living with their parents or not living with parents. The only limitation of the policy is there is NO LIABILITY.

Your belongings Coverage’ is a great boon to Millennials. For smart millennials this surely is a smarter policy

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