It could be argued that effective management of client data in Agency Management System (AMS) and performing all the activities to be performed at client level is the key in fostering the agency–customer relationship. For customers, it’s the critical “Moment of Truth,” where a bad experience during the claims process or data missing can make them flee quicker than any other interaction in the insurance value chain.

This, along with information leakage / mismatch and incomplete activities in Agency Management System (AMS) caused by human error or fraud, affects profitability of the insurance agency. For these reasons, AMS Data Integrity &  auditing is one of the crucial tasks that agency must undertake to maximize efficiency and maintain standardization in workflow in the insurance value chain.

Today, emerging technologies such as robotic process automation (RPA), robotic desktop automation (RDA), and data intelligence can completely transform the activity auditing process to improve productivity and efficiency while decreasing costs.


  • Divisional Managers / Divisional Heads were to generate activity reports related to AMS Data Intergrity(ADI) & Audit Process and manually perform date validation based on the business rules.
  • Then segregate the activity data as per CSR / Account Manager & manually highlight the incorrect information in each column for all the current clients
  • Validate Role Based activities performed by CSR / Account manager
  • List In Scope / Out Scope activities performed by CSR / Account Manager
  • Update checklist to verify whether all the activities for each client in AMS360 is performed
  • Segregate reports as per individual team / production manager and share the report with them for necessary corrective actions


  • Divisional Head / Divisional Managers to upload the ADI Reports in Exdion Platform
  • Automation uses Pre-Defined Business Rules configured in the platform applying for each data field
  • Automatically validates and segregates  AMS360 client wise activities performed by CSR
  • Highlights incorrect client information in every column / data field
  • Instant Checklist, Analytical Report generation & Info graphs (Individual / Team Wise)
  • Maintains repository of process adherence data and metrics for performance review
  • Quick access to accurate and inaccurate data. Inaccuracy reported upfront with trigger of email


  • Cuts down time and labor expense in the Manual checking and reporting process
  • Improves TAT by eliminating delay/wait time
  • Streamlined output of validation and audit checklist with industry leading features (Info Graphs)
  • Real time checklist and data trend over months for review with CSRs and Production managers
  • Dashboard with visual indicators to display monthly trend of CSR wise data accuracy and Production Managers level details
  • Instant Checklist Generation
  • Repository of process adherence data and metrics for  performance review(Quarterly / Half Yearly / Annually)
  • Ease of Access
  • Little-to-no change automation adoption


Automation of AMS Data Integrity and Audit Process solution helps insurance agencies streamline processes and activities in Agency Management System at every stage of insurance values chain, right from the RES collection to policy delivery the activities and the efforts involved is achieved throughout the policy life cycle. When insurance companies work under strong pressure, there is an increased degree of risk in each deal, which makes an automation software investment necessary for managing the risk of the company from having data loss. This solution provides benefits to the insurance agency and leads to new efficiencies and productivity levels, along with accurate / complete data available in Agency Management System.

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