RCM is highly repetitive, amenable for operating procedure often managed manually. Hence, RCM suffers human errors, absenteeism, and inability to scale up and down depending upon the demand. McKinsey & Company has reported that more than one-third of tasks in the billing industry could be automated, enhancing efficiency. With recent developments in AI, and machine learning companies are realizing Robotic process automation (RPA) as the panacea to transform revenue cycle management.

How does RPA work is the next question? It unites an organization’s systems, including electronic health records, billing, patient payment portals, and credit card processing applications, working with them the same way individuals would, while automating functions. This automation is idyllic for rule-based, repeatable processes that leverage the organization’s key systems, including claims follow-up and payment posting. To follow up on a particular case, a biller without RPA would go to the payer’s website, research the case status and plug in various bits of information on the page into the practice management system and then resubmit the case with the next batch. This is time-consuming, burdensome work that robots could effortlessly perform. Robots can connect to the website, capture the response and follow it up with data that the payer needs to complete the revenue cycle, places it into the practice management system, and resubmits the claim without human intervention – saving significant time and resources.

Benefits of Exdion’s RPA include:

Speed and efficiency: RPA empowers eight times the amount of work to be done per minute than could be attained manually. Additionally, human error is eliminated, enhancing the accuracy of data entered.

Consistency: The Automation solution for a particular process which is implemented in one location can be extended across the complete organization, regardless of the number of locations.

Increase in collections and revenues: More efficient and quicker billing means that practices get paid faster and more often. More precise information also improves collections.

24/7 workforce: RPA creates a 24/7 workforce, driving efficiency and increasing cash on behalf of clients.

Schedule a call with us to know what processes to automate and how to roll out RPA to realize substantial, company-wide benefits.

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Job title: Digital Marketing Specialist Reporting to: Manager, Marketing Experience required: 0-3 years Primary Responsibilities:
  1. B2B Social Media Marketing
  Platforms: LinkedIn / Twitter / Instagram / Facebook / Google+ / Quora / etc.  
  1. B2B Email Marketing
  Tools: Mailchimp / Constant Contact / SendGrid  
  1. Internal & External Communication
  1. Website(s) Management
  Tools: Google Analytics / WordPress / Yoast SEO / etc.  
  1. B2B Market Research
  1. Miscellaneous
  Brownie points for:       Company Description Exdion Solutions is a global B2B tech-led consulting & product organization specializing in the healthcare and insurance domains. We build & market, state of the art technology (AI, ML, NLP, etc.) products & and have offices in US & India.

Manager Business Development



9-14 years of experience in sales of Technology Product Selling

Experience in selling IT products in North American market essential

Experience in selling IT products related to Insurance Industry will be advantageous


Job Description

Ideal Candidate Profile


Will be commensurate with the experience level and internal benchmarking

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AR Caller- Job Description
Hiring No. :5
Will be involved in calling the US insurance representatives for analyzing the Claims and updating the Claims status.
Experience –Minimum 6 months to 3 years of experience in AR calling/Analyst.
Duties and Responsibilities:
Mandatory Skills: EDUCATION Graduates preferred / 10+2, PUC also can be considered if they have sufficient experience.
GENDER SPECIFICATION: Any CTC (Based on Experience and Interview)[Including benefits]
Note:  Preferably candidates located in North Bangalore if not, willing to relocate.
Work Location Exdion Solutions Pvt Ltd STC Trade Centre, 5th Floor, Nandini Layout, Bengaluru, India – 560096. Ph No: 080 46585000
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L.S Ram

L.S Ram: Managing: Director & CEO Ram is one of the co-founders of Exdion and has served as President and CEO since inception. Under his leadership, Exdion has consistently set new standards in the field of process management and quality excellence. He brings over 30+ years of experience and holds a post-graduate degree in Computer Science and is a Chartered Accountant. He is also a Certified Information Systems Auditor from ISACA, USA and a Certified Associate of Insurance Services awarded by “The Institutes” (AICPCU), USA.

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