AI-led Disruption

Exdion Empowers Industries to Enrich Customer Experiences


Client Focus – We listen to our customers, so we can continually improve our services and identify profitable opportunities for them. Our responsiveness to client requirements is what we pride ourselves in.

Integrity –Integrity is very important to build an ethical business. We adopt a Zero Tolerance approach towards Integrity. Every Exdioner adheres to the highest standard of morals and practices.

Our Culture

Culture at Exdion is built around Core Values when the company was founded in 2016. They are at the heart of our culture and guide us as we conduct business every day. As we uphold them, we are assured of growing in the right direction while supporting our varied stakeholders.

With a wealth of experience in our industry, we have accumulated substantial knowledge to traverse the complexities of the industries we operate in. Over the years, we have honed our expertise, navigated challenges, and cemented our position as industry leaders, enabling us to deliver unparalleled solutions and services in both the Insurance and Healthcare industries in the United States.

Our Business Units

Exdion Expertise

Exdion Insurance

The Insurance business unit of Exdion helps Property & Casualty Insurance brokers in the US digitally transform their businesses with a suite of proprietary products across the Policy Life Cycle.

Exdion Health

The Healthcare business unit of Exdion helps Urgent care & Occupational health centers and Billing companies in the US completely automate their medical coding process.

About US

Why Exdion?

You have always been there for your customers. Now, they want better services, more features, more intuitive and agile engagement. With Exdion, industries get the best minds in AI/ML, hyper automation, and BPM with deep industry know-how to drive success for their businesses. We help clients uncover hidden value, rewire their operations, and realize results. That is what we are good at and what we work on with every client. 

learn & earn

Exdion Academy

Exdion Academy is dedicated to nurturing talent and facilitating its employees’ career progression so that they achieve their full potential.

Skill Development

Skill Development

Our Skill Development programs are meticulously crafted to equip Exdioners with the latest skills and competencies, tailor-made to their given roles. Exdion uses workshops and training sessions and curated workshops from industry experts to impart in-depth knowledge.

On-the-job training

On-the-job training

At Exdion, we believe in learning-by-doing, hence all our associates are offered hands-on learning sessions. We help freshers apply their newly acquired skills in projects led and directed by senior members.



With the objective of providing guidance, insights, and support as one navigates within the company, Exdion’s Mentorship & Coaching program allows Senior employees to share their experiences with junior colleagues and encourage them to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Key Recognitions

& Awards


State Export Excellence
Award (2016-17)


State Export Excellence Award
(2017-18, 2018-19, 2019-20)

Leader's Edge (2020)

PC 360 (2021)

ExdionACE award (2021)

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ET Growth Champions award (March 2022)


AM Best’s John Weber interviews Ram, Exdion’s CEO & Founder (2022)

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Appealie (2023)


GPTW (2023)


Certificate of Appreciation (Ministry of Finance, Govt of India) (2023)


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