Exdion AiR

ExdionAiR, is a smart Cognitive Science based tool, that takes away the manual process challenges and associated complexities involved in checking the status of the claims through several payor portals. ExdionAiR is a bot that makes healthcare service providers AR process smooth and seamless. ExdionAiR offers greater financial flexibility for managing both short term routine challenges and long-term sustainability.
ExdionAiR, is a completely automated application that simplifies the process, allowing your staff to concentrate more on other activities. AR BOT saves a lot of time eliminating the manual activity and helps in quick realization of revenue like never before.


  •    Information rests in multiple formats and multiple PMS.
  •    Time consuming and lengthy process.
  •    On an average a human spends about 7  minutes to check the claim status and                 download EOB’s.
  •    The to and fro process between the insurance medical billing companies is    susceptible to errors, including incomplete information, incorrect entries, and not    addressing the claims, leads to revenue leakage.



Future Tech - Automate repetitive tasks through cutting - edge robotic automation and AI driven BOTS


Extensibility - Multiple content formats,configurator and interpreter


Data - Driven Execution - User has control on outcomes


Scalable & Manageable -Micro - services and cloud


Unlimited Payor Sites - Covers all major websites


System Agnostic - Any PMS or Billing application

One Click - Simple web UI and file access


Reduce Cost,Free-up resources

Standardization and
automation leading to increased productivity

Multiple content formats

Scalable & Manageable

Unlimited Payor Sites coverage

System Agnostic - Any PMS or Billing application

One Click – Simple web UI and file access

Easy and no hassle billing with one low monthly rate

Secure and cloud-based technology