Consulting advisory for next level Insurance Policy Lifecycle Transformation

Exdion is the  leading transformation company that helps insurance agencies automate and re-engineer their Policy Life cycle.

We help Agencies reduce operational risk, save time and cost.

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What we do?

Exdion supports right from defining transformation strategy to delivery. Exdion enables a simpler, smarter way of working.

World’s largest team of OSCP Certified Professionals

Our Framework

ePLMM is Exdion’s proprietary Policy Lifecycle Maturity Model that helps agencies assess business process maturity. ePLMM framework classifies an Insurance agency into, rudimentary, emerging defined and optimized stages, reflecting financial, operational, compliance and technology process dimensions of the agency and indicate what needs to be changed to move to the next level.

Macro Assessment

ePLMM assess an Agency’s current Policy Life Cycle management and quantifies the stage of maturity.

Micro Assessment

ePLMM details areas of improvement to realize higher efficiency and effectiveness.