When organizations opt to offshore their businesses, waves of uncertainty and doubt engulfs with respect to Knowledge Management measures that offshoring companies would undertake. They are concerned as to how knowledge gaps will be bridged and how the company will benefit from offshoring its business. It’s a safe bet with Exdion as we have meticulous processes of on boarding and training practices. Exdion ensures that competent people are recruited, trained and certified before deploying them to their specific roles. Our teammates are deployed only post rigorous assessments. Exdion’s service delivery team is a right mix of professionals who offer value-based services to our clients.

Domain Certifications conferred at Exdion are:

  • HIPPA, CPC, AAPC for Healthcare Domain Certifications
  • LOMA for Life & Annuity Domain Certifications
  • INS & AICPCU for P&C Brokers Domain Certifications

Our vigorous training programs are well structured and delivered by professional trainers. Our robust training programs:

  • US Healthcare overview (Pre Process)
  • Industry Standard Certifications
  • Process Training
  • US culture and language training (Pre Process)

We conduct internal evaluation and assessments before deploying our team members to production. Deployed members undertake periodic refreshers and re-certifications to have them abreast of the latest updates. They have access to numerous subject matter experts who periodically interact with process teams to understand knowledge gaps and prepare re-training/refresher content as required. We also undertake trend analysis which is prepared on audit findings and refresher training are provided if found necessary.