Exdion has moved its delivery to a future ready cloud based environment. Cloud based process and knowledge management readily lends itself to an effective and valuable delivery model.

Exdion’s SOP cloud allows for live collaboration on SOP development and ongoing maintenance to ensure that they are live and both the client and Exdion follow the same procedures. This ensures high efficiency and consistent process standards. Learning cloud allows codification of knowledge across teams, creation of “what if” scenarios allows development of rule based knowledge. Using learning cloud, our clients gain from a robust and scalable knowledge management process. Innovation cloud would exploit the power of the internet, seek out ideas from everywhere and allow co-innovation across geographically dispersed teams. Analytics cloud would allow clients to discover patterns, causal mechanisms so that their overall business grows by improved actionable intelligence. 

Exdion cloud uses a client specific production and audit allocation logic. The system reduces time spent on managing clarifications between teams by over 70% by automating the issue logging and resolution process. A dashboard presents metrics on productivity, TAT and Service Level Adherence.

Exdion clients migrating to cloud environment realize various benefits like flexibility, optimal resource utilization and simplified delivery management. Importantly, Exdion cloud enables clients to move from a traditional capex (FTE) to an opex model with lesser investments and outcome driven models. Exdion cloud offers anywhere accessibility, advanced security, low cost and real-time information advantages.