Business excellence initiatives provide organizations with a roadmap for excellence and steps to improve performance.  At Exdion, Business excellence frameworks are derived from renowned international business excellence/quality models such as MBNQA, EFQM and Deming Prize. Business excellence starts with incremental innovations through methods such as:
  • X-Zen: A quality initiative involving implementation of ideas to help improve work performance and become more efficient. At Exdion idea generation is a celebrated event to ensure organization wide participation. X-Zen is our brand for the Japanese “Kaizen” method.
  • Continuous Improvement: An ongoing process, focusing on improving customer satisfaction through continuous and incremental improvements to processes
  • Lean and Six-Sigma: Quality methodologies to improve processes through eliminating waste and reducing variation 
A team of specialists from various disciplines such TPM, TQM, Lean, Six Sigma, Value Engineering and Business Excellence are a part of the Exdion’s Business Excellence discipline, that supports businesses in identification of improvement of opportunities and execution of high-impact projects to achieve sustainable competitive advantage through facilitation, assessments and audits.
Exdion’s Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt consultants work closely with clients to understand their project objectives, timescales and level of resource. Then, following best-practice principles and methods and using tried and tested techniques, we offer support to implement and deliver a continuous improvement strategy that is relevant to the client organization. Through targeted training, coaching, and facilitation, we ensure that both management and staff are adequately informed and supported. Exdion’s business excellence services include:
  • Lean six sigma deployment planning, roll out and advice
  • Customized technical and soft skills training
  • Lean practice and process audits
  • Designing, and facilitating Kaizen events
  • Develop corporate and process score cards