Claims databases are large, with dense information across several parameters. Even with heavy investments many companies struggle to make sense of the data. Exdion analytics teams combine deep domain knowledge with insights gained by deploying tools to know the association and causation of events.  Exdion analytics help companies improve business efficiencies, reduce costs, increase competitiveness and manage risk effectively. Exdion analytics provides multiple reporting functions including:

ð       Adhoc reporting

ð       Interactive visual analytics

ð       Business Impact analysis

ð       Structured reports, scheduling and distribution


Exdion analytics team can perform patient, or payer data analytics and help players gain revenue integrity of all payments and reconciliations.


Exdion analytics assignments cover:

·         Service management analytics or customer interaction analysis detailing customer request fulfilment analysis, waiting time, capacity constraints, etc

·         Claim recovery analytics to maximize claim payment recovery from salvage,  subrogation, reinsure

·         staff performance assessments

·         Benchmark data with the industry and identify areas of improvement

·         Monitor all contracts and realign business goals

·         Claim accuracy and loss exposure analysis

·         Duplicate payments audit

·         Re-opened claims audit

·         Leakage analysis

·         Key risk audits (end-to-end file audits)

·         Returned instruments audits