Exdion Policy Checking on Demand (Exdion.POD)

Exdion has developed an Artificial intelligence (AI) led solution to offer seamless automatic renewal policy check out. Exdion Policy on Demand (Exdion.POD) involves Robotic process automation (RPA), analytics and cognitive computing to transform “manual led” renewal process to error free intelligent process. Exdion has developed bots which are software programs that automatically match the policy information against configured data and approve once the match is perfect. Bot driven automatic approval enables code-driven continuous delivery of policy renewal eliminating the need for a dedicated FTE to manage the same.

Exdion.POD offers insurers the flexibility to customize their automated policy renewal process and issuance to accomplish complete end to end business-specific policy renewal. Exdion.POD enables insurers to configure custom business process for renewal, including the capability to configure selection criteria for policy for renewal, one-time or multi-year recurring execution with comprehensive auditing and error free capabilities.


Reduction in turnaround time
Error free
Cost advantage
Improved customer satisfaction
User friendly cloud application


Binding Services

Exdion can support Carriers, Brokers, MGA’s and Program Managers all the way from application processing to issuance.